Mausser Aims to Change the World by Donating Unique Diamond Products to Charities

Jason Mausser, of Mausser Diamonds has a very unique business model. Quite simply, he has chosen to give away diamond embellished products such as men’s neck ties, baseball hats, MP3 players, and ladies handbags to carefully chosen organizations. This move has been met with skepticism with people questioning his sanity and the quality of his diamond products. Mausser laughs it off and confidently states that the quality of his diamond products and level of his sanity are very high. Simply put, Jason Mausser is out to change the world with diamond embellished products.
Mausser has given away diamond products to such organizations as: the Make a Wish Foundation, the Red Cross, the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Cancer related charities (breast cancer, colon cancer). He selects charities based on personal introductions and the reputation of the charity. Mausser awards the majority of its diamond embellished products to U.S. 501 (c)(3) organizations and other tax-exempt organizations. The donated products raise money through raffles, silent auctions and other similar procedures.

The Mausser family has been in the forefront of cutting-edge design since the late 1800s. As cynical minds continue to probe, Mausser is forthcoming about extinguishing the morbid curiosity. “First and foremost, I want to use diamonds to conduct meaningful philanthropic work. Raising money and awareness for our selected causes is a priority. I do want to eventually increase the world’s awareness about the fact that Mausser Diamonds is the only company in the world that looks for quality products and then enhances them by adding diamonds. We only add diamonds to the finest products. These diamonds and the products they embellish are not for sale. People can purchase them by personal introduction and appointment only,” states Mausser.

Influenced by his parents’ heroic battles with cancer, he has combined generations of family experience with a desire to support charities around the world by donating unique diamond products for their benefit.
“The loss of both my mother and father to cancer has been the biggest influence on my life,” said Mausser. “My diamond-detailed Lion Hat was inspired by the courage and strength my mother showed to the end battling her cancer.”

Mausser’s work with diamonds spans the world, with clients ranging from Los Angeles to Tokyo. A few years ago, Mausser was chosen from a group that included high-profile brokers such as Christies, Sotheby’s and Butterfield and Butterfield to broker one of the largest diamonds in the world.
Mausser’s friend and former Make-A-Wish board member, Shepard Ross, dubbed him The Saint because of his continual philanthropic efforts. Mausser was always in the middle of a good deed every time Ross would check in with him. Mausser liked the moniker because The Saint was his childhood favorite show. Like The Saint, Mausser travels the world, working with clients as a diamond broker but always eager to assist a worthy charitable cause.

About Mausser Diamonds

Mausser’s products are adorned with natural, white diamonds set in 14K white gold. Shirts, men’s ties, baseball caps, handbags and even high-end sports cars, mp3 players and cell phones are being embellished with Mausser Diamonds. His unique products are accomplished through his established and ever-expanding partnerships. Mausser’s patent-pending diamond beads are now being licensed for some of the most exclusive brands available.

Mausser Diamonds’ partners and clients receive diamonds at dealer cost. They have created a unique diamond fastening system and Certificate of Authenticity customized for each product line. Most of Mausser’s partners have even been supplied with diamonds for test samples free of charge. Mausser Diamonds offers their clients and partners the ability to create original, unique and forever exclusive products to enhance both their business and their lives.

Mausser creates REAL products embellished with REAL diamonds. If it’s not Mausser, it’s not REAL!



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